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Clear Power Surge Protector / Power Strip

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Clear Power Surge Protector / Power Strip

Have you ever had the power low warning start beeping on your laptop just as the photo shoot began? Then feel the power. The power of being prepared for any situation.

The Clear Power Surge Protector/Power Strip provides easy access to clean and safe power. The 6-outlet surge protector/power strip fits securely under the Tether Table and will be there when you need it to power a laptop computer or recharge camera batteries. Once installed, the surge protector can easily be attached or removed from the Tether Table as needed. Installation is easy with included heavy-duty hook & loop fastener designed for under-mounting on any Tether Table Aero.

Clear Power with auto shut-off safeguard will protect your valuable photography equipment from electrical spikes.


Suggested Uses:

  • Have surge-protected power outlets available right at your workstation
  • Power your laptop
  • Recharge camera or cell phone batteries

Product Specifications:

  • 6 Outlet
  • Clear power with auto shut-off safeguard
  • Connected equipment warranty
  • 3-foot cord with low profile plug
  • Attaches to underside of any Tether Table Aero
  • Black

*Product may vary slightly from item pictured.

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